About Us

GWP Architects started work on urban and architectural design in Boston, where Harvard University is located in 2012. Through several years of research, the core team established China company in 2015, responsible for China's regional projects, and quickly carried out a number of large-scale planning and construction project practices. Now GWP has developed into an international cutting-edge design firm with nearly 50 employees. Founded in 2018, our Hong Kong company - GWP DESIGN & CONSULTING GROUP is mainly responsible for docking overseas projects and expanding its business into consulting planning, engineering agency and other fields. Starting from the subject research, our team fully applied the company's pursuit of value and design concept to the actual project practice. Our project types mainly involve pastoral complex, characteristic town, commercial complex, high-end residence, super high-rise office building and landmark buildings of culture, art and education. The service field covers architectural design, urban planning and design, landscape design, interior design and business planning and design related to the project, etc. As the company pushes forward the actual projects, GWP also has a solid research team in China and New York and Boston to lead the design trend.

Professional Solutions

We share the venture together, we pursue the value together, and we believe that professional hard work, creative ideas and universal wisdom are the most powerful engine we have to achieve admirable outcomes. Respect to the time we spend , respect to the chance we have, and respect to the originality of knowledge and invented work. We are always here to listen to your needs, share your dream and make it success.